About Us

We started a unique approach to self-development in 2008 as youths with various spiritual backgrounds. We found a lot of source material describing virtues promoted spiritual living. Through this, we started conceptualizing what is a virtue, where does it come from and the importance of it. We found truths that connected to many different virtues. Since then, our various educational backgrounds helped us develop a strategic guideline to improving character and defining spiritual strength/well-being. Ultimately, with providence we had discovered a passion in helping others achieve similar values and seeing them through with the success that follows. We had gained a small following of peers that had seen the tremendous value in our collected research and benefited from solutions we developed to their deep rooted issues.

In 2014, we resolved to commit to our research and compile it into a book to help the community here in Saskatchewan.

“… a strategic guideline to improving character and defining spiritual strength and well being.”

Our Values


We value the human existence and the purpose behind it.


We value the struggle and effort for improvement.

Spiritual Well-Being

We believe in God’s active force and desire for our spiritual well-being.

Objective Betterment

We value the search for objective betterment.


We believe in human being’s right to discover truth and actively search for it.


We value companionship between people as a source of support on their mutual path to self-improvement.

  • Mission Statement

    We believe in all people’s potential to develop and grow in character regardless of circumstance, position or state. While wanting to both aid and foster people to betterment in their lives.

  • Service Provided

    To help the community through character building initiatives in a supportive learning environment to youths & young adult groups of all backgrounds.

  • Our Audience

    Core Groups: Youths age 14-19, Young adults 20-30, however, available to any willing minds.

    (Accessible to anyone)

    We will have different levels of mentoring for the mental state and age range.

    We have reason to believe that the youth in the community will gain a lot through mentoring from resources that are able to both believe in them and create a healthy environment to grow.

  • Measures of Success

    Evaluating process throughout the course with a goal in mind to the specific individual. Measures are described with detail and as a core part of our source material.

  • First Nations Appeal

    We recognize the community’s desire for the strengths needed to motivate and uplift all people. With a large demographic of first nations presence, this fits into the values of virtues that we mutually believe in, while respecting the different cultures and beliefs as one cause. Such virtues include: inner peace, friendship, success, self-confidence, mental, spiritual, physical well-being and core cultural values are shared

Our Team

At Your Service

David Kingdavong


Born in Toronto, Ontario, from Chinese and Laos Decent. He was raised as a Buddhist and has pursued theological studies further from the belief that spiritual health is crucial to success. He believes in the ability for youths to improve for the better. To better help reach out to youths he is currently working for […]

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Shoaib Mohamad Omar


Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, had lived in various places at a young age, from Moscow Russia, to Pakistan. At the age of 8 he had moved to Canada. Experiencing homelessness at a young age with his family in Moscow has created an empathetic approach and comprehension of the struggle the needy have. At the age […]

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Mekalia Mohamad Omar


Born in Toronto, Ontario of Jamaican descent. She had a strong spiritual upbringing as a Christian which lead her to pursue spirituality seriously. In high school, she met her future colleagues and began to develop a strong want for intelligence and purpose. At a young age, her father had Lou Gehrig’s disease and had passed […]

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Tung Nguyen


Born in Toronto, Ontario from a Vietnamese family. In early high school he reached a better understanding and pursued the mastery of several virtues as well as the meaning behind them. Such virtues include, self-worth, compassion and the belief in great potential in all human beings. As part of his values he has committed himself […]

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